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 Karting in New York State 

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Ransomville Speedway Galletta's Go- Kart Speedway Frozen Ocean Genessee Valley Kart Club Chapel Hill Raceway Can-Am Motorsports Champion Speedway Rathbone Raceway Western NY Kart Club Allegheny Memorial Speedway Starlite Speedway Paradise Speedway Mountainview Raceway MXK HotShot Raceway Moose Mountain Speedway Bliss International Caroga Creek Raceway Riverhead Raceway Adirondack International Speedway Action Park East Thrill Hill Speedway Back River Raceway Oakland Valley Race Park Weedsport Kartway NY Race Complex Utica Rome Speedway Genessee Speedway Turkey Trot Raceway Long Island Karting Assn Syracuse Indoor* Limerock Speedway Lightning Raceway Stateline Speedway Oswego Kartway (dirt) Dodge City Speedway Hilltop Raceway LaFayette Motorsports Park Lebanon Valley Go-Kart Speedway Moes Karting World Poughkeepsie Raceway

handWould YOU like to race in a real race car?

handConveniently close to home?

handWithout mortgaging your house?

handAlong with the whole family?

RACE a KART in New York State!

That's right! Hop in a racing kart, and you have an inexpensive way to do real racing, with people who are just as crazy as you!

Getting started is easy! Just pick a track from the map, or the list on the left.

Visit the track, watch the action, talk to the drivers and pit crews, get a feeling for the kinds of people involved, prices, safety, and so forth.

Karting is great for spectators, because you can be close to the action. Most tracks will inexpensively sell you a pit pass, so you enter the actual pits.

Some tracks have an "arrive and drive" program, where you can rent time in a fully prepared racing kart. This is one of the best ways to find out if karting is really for you.

* Please note that the Syracuse Indoor race is held once each year (check the website for details). Most of the other tracks listed here are open roughly April through October.

Just want to have fun driving a go-kart? Scroll to the very bottom of this page for a list of concession tracks.

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of tracks available for kart racing. Dirt ovals (brown dots on the map) are the most widely available. There are also paved ovals (blue dots), which often appear in conjunction with stock car tracks. In oval racing, you of course only turn one direction. And then, there are paved road courses, where you turn both left and right, as you would when driving on a regular road. These are denoted by red dots in the map.

Which form of track is best for you? It's a personal choice. It's certainly possible to have a blast racing on any type of surface. Check out the tracks that are close to you. And remember, it's the people in racing who make the most difference, not the track or the equipment. If you find the right group to race with, you'll have fun.

No matter where you live in New York State, you're close to an excellent racing facility. Check out one near you!

We do not use the terms "go-kart" or "yard kart" (or go-cart and yard cart) here because within the sport of kart racing, "go-kart" or "yard kart" implies a vehicle that is not specifically made for racing. A true racing kart (note the spelling with the letter "k") is built for one reason: going flat-out fast on a purpose-built race track.

Information about microds and quarter midgets

Talk Back — Suggestions, Corrections, Additions, Questions

Please use this form to submit suggestions, information about new karting tracks, changes to existing track information, or to ask me a question:

To help ensure you are a human, please add 2 plus 5 and type that number here:
Your e-mail address (optional):

I maintain this website because, along with my entire family, I enjoy racing, and I'd like to introduce others to the sport. I accept no commercial support nor advertising for this site.

This site is devoted to karting only. Mostly, that means I list tracks that are sanctioned by, or adhere closely to the rules of, the World Karting Association (WKA) or International Kart Federation (IKF). I also am interested in promoting karting, so I am flexible in how I interpret "karting". If I feel that an activity will lead to people getting involved in karting, I may list it.

There is no perfect order in which to list the various tracks. To avoid playing favorites, I simply randomize the order for each visitor. So if you see your track at the top of the list one day, you'll be someplace else the next time you visit. Equal opportunity! Having said that, you can get the list in alphabetical order by track name or by city.

This site is accurate only to the extent that a great many helpful people feed information to me about changes in the racing scene. If you know of tracks that are not listed here, please let me know! And please report any inaccuracies. Thanks!

I'm sorry, I don't have information about these tracks beyond what you see here. If you need more information, please don't ask me; I probably don't know. Click on the dot on the map, or on the name of the track, to go visit the track's website.

- Dana Cartwright  Dana's Website

Concession Tracks

I added this section because many people write to me wanting to know where they can go and have fun with their kids in a go-kart. Here are places that I think provide a casual (walk-in) program where you can rent a go-kart for a few laps, either indoors or outdoors. I don't endorse these tracks, I've never visited them, but they sound like places that provide a casual just-for-fun rental program.

Microds and Quarter Midgets

This website doesn't deal with either Microds or Quarter Midgets. First, I don't know much about them. Second, the map would be a mess if I tried to load it up with every form of racing.

Still, it strikes me that this form of website might be interesting to microds and quarter midgets (and pocket bikes, drag racers, et cetera), and I'd be happy to discuss how such websites could come into existence. Here is the key: somebody has to collect the data. The data for each track consists of (1) the track name, (2) its URL (website, in other words), (3) city, (4) type of track, and (5) GPS coordinates (which are used to put the dots on the map).

I'm not willing to do the work to collect the data for non-karting tracks, but if somebody would do so, I'd be happy to create a site similar to this one, but devoted to some other form of motorsports. Use the form above to send me your ideas.

Legal Notices - Terms of Use

Tracks listed here are not endorsed by this website nor its owner. Information displayed here is obtained from public sources, typically the websites of the tracks.

Racing is dangerous. You can be seriously injured or killed. You race at your own risk. Only you can determine if racing is right for you or your family.

While I try to keep this page up to date and correct, some information may still be incorrect. You are responsible for checking that the information is correct, up to date, and complete.

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